Philippine Mission of Claretians on Spanish TV

Jan 15, 2009 | Fr. Rhoel Gallardo, ICT, Indigenous peoples, The Claretian Mission

Spain. On Sunday, January 11, the programme Pueblo de Dios (people of God) of the channel 2 of the Spanish television dedicated once more a documentary to one of the Claretian missions, concretely to the one that serves the Bajau tribe (the gypsies of the sea) in the island of Basilan, in Southern Philippines. It was an ample sojourn throughout the shanty town, based on wooden posts; for their customs, their difficulties and the labour that the missionaries are carrying out with illusion and sacrifice for various decades. In the month of November this programme Pueblo de Dios, of the channel 2 of the Spanish radio-tv, broadcast another documentary from the Philippines dedicated to the programme Katilingban (the miracle of the community), in Mindanao. These programs may be watched in the page

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