Postulation of the Causes of Saints

Fr. Krzystof Gierat, CMF

Fr. Krzysztof Gierat, CMF

General Postulator

The General Postulation of the Causes of Saints of the Congregation of the Claretian Missionaries is the organ of the General Curia that deals with the Causes of Saints. The service is carried out by the Postulator General with his collaborators, according to the legislation currently in force. The Postulator is the person who, provided with a mandate, prepared in a canonically legitimate form and duly approved by the competent ecclesiastical authority, represents the Actor in a cause of canonization (the General Government) before the ecclesiastical authority, whether diocesan or Roman. He has, therefore, a double role in the Causes of Saints, that of “defending” in first person the interests of the Institute (which appointed him); and that of collaborating with the ecclesiastical authority (which approved him) in the search for truth. From this definition of the postulator emerges the dual juridical figure of the postulator, based on the current status of the Cause:

  • Postulator of the Cause in the diocesan phase, that is, the one who represents the plaintiff before the diocesan ecclesial authority
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  • Postulator of the Cause in the Roman phase, that is, the one who represents the plaintiff before the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
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It is his duty to promote and implement the causes of canonization which have been introduced or which will be introduced in the future of all Claretian Missionaries who have been granted the honor of the altars because of their exemplary lives, so that they may serve as a stimulus to all our confreres and to the Christian faithful. The Causes to be introduced are chosen with the consent of the General Government from among those that present a special ecclesial interest or for the Congregation and are capable of carrying a significant message for contemporary mankind.