Preparing the AEYG 2019 + Claretian Family in Timor Leste

Feb 12, 2019 | ASCLA East, East Asia, Fr. Rhoel Gallardo, Indonesia - Timor Leste, Korea, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Dili, East Timor. Representatives from the different Organisms and members of the Claretian Family of ASCLA East gathered on 12 February 2019 in view of the preparations for the upcoming ASCLA East Youth Gathering or commonly known as AEYG in Claretian Family (AEYG 2019 + CF) that would be held at the Saint Joseph Parish in Aimutin, Dili, the capital of East Timor. The theme would be “THE SOLIDARITY OF CHRIST IMPELS US…. “GO, SELL, SHARE AND FOLLOW“. The following are those present in the meeting:

Fr. Emanuel Lelo Talok, CMF (Vicar of Indonesia – Timor Leste Delegation)
Fr. Yohanes DariSalib Jeramu, CMF (Prefect of Youth & Vocations Ministry – Indonesia-Timor Leste Delegation)
Fr. Martin Ernest Ele, CMF (Prefect of Youth & Vocations Ministry – Philippine Province)
Fr. Bobin Punnackapadavil, CMF (Prefect of Youth Ministry – East Asia Delegation)
Fr. Irenius Neonbanu, CMF (East Timor – Indonesia – Timor Leste Delegation)
Sr. Joana Dresler, MC (Representative of MSAMC)
Sr. Marta, MC (Representative of MSAMC)

Previously, the Claretian Family of Indonesia – Timor Leste had a meeting on 29-31 January where the RMI Sisters (Sr. Dina and Sr. Erna) were present including Frs. Augusto Campos, Nikolaus Ilan, and Ferdinandus Melo, CMFF, and 45 Lay Leaders from Aimutin St. Joseph Parish.

Under the leadership of Fr. Louie Guades III, CMF of the Philippine Province, the Superiors and representatives of the different branches of the Claretian Family, as well as after the approval of the then Major Superiors of ASCLA East in 2013, the first AEYG + CF was first celebrated in Quezon City, Philippines in August of 2015. It was the first time that the different branches of the Claretian Family in Asia (CMF, RMI, MSAMC, Lay Claretians) gathered together and worked as a team to journey with the young Asians. Two Organisms from ASCLA West also joined the said gathering. The main idea of the gathering is to come together like that of the WYD + CF and re-echo that which has transpired during the World Youth Day (celebrated somewhere in the world other than the ASCLA East Region) since not all/many can participate such international events. It is also a venue for formation, encounter, sharing of faith and culture for the youth and for the Claretian Family of the region. It is celebrated every two years and thought to be celebrated in different countries under the care of ASCLA East. The AEYG 2017 + Cf was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2017 headed by Fr. Yohanes DariSalib Jeramu, CMF together with his counterparts in the Claretian Family of Indonesia-Timor Leste Delegation.


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