Remembering Fr. Rhoel Gallardo’s Rootedness in Christ and Audacity in Martyrdom

May 4, 2022 | Causes of Saints, Fr. Rhoel Gallardo

Quezon City, Philippines. Tuesday, May 3, 2022, marks the 22nd Death Anniversary of Fr. Rhoel D. Gallardo, CMF, a Claretian martyr for peace in the Philippines. During this occasion, simultaneous celebrations were organized in different locations where the Claretian Missionaries of Fr. Rhoel Gallardo Province are present.

At the Chapel of Claret Seminary in Quezon City, Bishop Leo Dalmao, CMF, of the Prelature of Isabela, the main presider of the Eucharistic celebration, highlighted three important things related to the life and death of Fr. Rhoel. The first is the uncertainty of life. Second, that real strength cannot be seen through the externals, and Fr. Rhoel had proven how strong he was when he offered his life boldly for his faith. And lastly, the importance of foundation in our lives, from where we are grounded, especially in the early years of our missionary formation.

Meanwhile, in Basilan, Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF, the Prefect of Spirituality of Fr. Rhoel Gallardo Province, spearheaded the celebration with other Claretians and the faithful of the faithful Tumahubong and Maluso, where our presence is concentrated.

The Claretian aspirants and students from both the different formation Houses in Quezon City and the Claretians of the different communities in the north of the Philippines and the parents and relatives of Fr. Rhoel paid a visit to his grave at Himlayang Filipino cemetery, offering flowers and prayers.

In the afternoon, the Claretian Youth Ministry from the different communities of the Province offered prayers and organized encounters to celebrate the life of Fr. Rhoel and be inspired by his example.

Here is a video of the last moments of Rhoel:

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