“In our digital culture, an image is gold.”

It can mobilize or entertain, inspire or distract, emancipate or colonize. Every photographer chooses, emphasizes, highlights, informs of a context through images.

We choose/we want/we opt to focus on the impoverished of our society, the marginalized, the victims of the system because we believe that history renews from the grassroots – the place from where God speaks and recommences history.


Photography is for us a way of rebellion that allows us to look from different angles. It links us directly to the people of a context, in a struggle or in a specific emancipatory proposal; whether they are marches against economic adjustments of firms, claims against police and state abuses, popular missions that carry a word of fraternity and encounter, events that reconstruct the “unique history”.


As a tool to capture human subjectivity, photography becomes a medium that conducts messages of collective concerns, i.e. social concerns. It makes it possible to document the conditions and environment in which man advances, questions one’s practices, denatures the situation accompanied by concrete commitment to an integral improvement of the individual and the community.


Ezequiel Takaya, CMF and Alejandro Peñalva (Argentina)

Ezequiel (33) is a Claretian student from the city of Córdoba Capital, lives in the Rhoel Gallardo community. Alejandro (18) is a young man from the San Antonio María Claret community, participating in various pastoral and missionary activities.

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