Solidarity and Mission Encounter 2018 – Province of México

Sep 2, 2018 | México, MICLA, Solidarity & Mission

Morelia, México. On August 25-26, the Solidarity and Mission Meeting of the Province of Mexico was held at the Claretian House of Exercises in Morelia, Mich. Its the beginning of the new way of organizing the Support Groups, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Groups, (JPIC) and other groups in the Province. The objective of this meeting was to try to unite and consolidate the contributions of all these groups under the new congregational orientations in the line of Solidarity and Mission.

The opening Mass was presided over by Father Provincial Enrique Mascorro, CMF, who emphasized in his homily some important points. He said that all must feel as brothers and sisters. He also pointed out that the best way to understand “Solidarity and Mission,” one must take the definition of each word – “Solidarity” is to sense of belonging, reconnecting the heart, having a heart for the other, while on the other hand, “Shared Mission” is like that of the NIEV (Children with hope and hope to live) as a specific place of mission.

After a long day of work, the participants enjoyed a folkloric ballet, and sang songs and dances from the “hot region” of the state of Michoacán. Between music and dance steps a great atmosphere was created.

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