Spanish Magazine “Misioneros Tercer Milenio” Describes Claretian Work

May 24, 2012 | Claret Publishing Group

Madrid, Spain. The diocesan delegates of missions of Spanish dioceses are now celebrating their annual encounter. Coinciding with this the principal organ of expression of the Pontifical Mission Works (the magazine Misioneros Tercer Milenio [Missionaries of the Third Millenium]) interviewed Juan Ángel Artiles, Spanish Claretian, missionary in Indonesia since 2005.

Misioneros Tercer Milenio is a monthly publication, numbering about sixty full color pages, explicitly supported by eighteen missionary institutes, among them the Claretians, educating Spanish Catholics on the reality of the Church in the five continents. Every issue contains stories, interviews, news, materials, animation, testimonies, etc.

In 2011, on the occasion of the World Day of the Propagation of the Faith, known in Spain as “Domund”, the magazine reported on the experience of another Spanish Claretian, Fr. Eduardo Monge, who was forced to return to Europe for health reasons. Now the interviewee is Juan Angel Artiles, who has had to spend the last twelve months in Spain for a serious knee problem that is now being resolved so that he can return to Indonesia. In the interview Juan Ángel describes society and the Church in the archipelago, talks about its wealth and its limits, describes the main projects of the Congregation in the area, and declares his “very great” desire to return to Asia.

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