Sudan Project: Collaboration Model for Religious in England and Wales

Sep 3, 2018 | ECLA, Solidarity & Mission, UK - Ireland

London, United Kingdom. On 1st of September, after returning from his two weeks visit to South Sudan, Fr. Paul Smyth, CMF, President of the Conference of Religious of England and Wales and at the same time President of the project ‘Solidarity with South Sudan,’ has called on religious communities in the UK to copy its model of collaboration, in the face of emerging problems.

Fr. Paul said that the sharing of resources and personnel has allowed institutes and responses to be created that no single congregation would be able to provide – which can benefit those most in need and enhance the work of religious communities in alleviating suffering.

“The project is a sign of the work all religious are being called upon to do – to work together to respond to new needs coming up in our world and to share our resources. It’s about allowing the differences we have to strengthen us. That should be a feature of all of us” he said.

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