The Countdown Begins. IterCMF Website Launched.

Oct 24, 2019 | Congregation, General Government, Spirituality and Community Life

Rome, Italy. The countdown to the launching of the Claretian Year project of the General Prefecture of Spirituality began when the clock hit twelve midnight on Thursday, October 24, 2019, Solemnity of St. Anthony Mary Claret. It began with the launching of its complimentary website and the mobile application. The site’s url is

In addition to containing all the materials of the book, the website offers complimentary materials to the book – video and audio files, retreat proposals for each month, as well as other supplements for personal and communal prayer and for the celebration of the Claretian feast days. It also facilitates sharing reflections, comments and proposals. It is linked to some social networks to facilitate the speed of communication and, above all, the participation of the Claretians. It also features a blog animated by the General Prefect of Spirituality and by the teams of the General Prefecture of Spirituality: CESC (Vic) and Forge Center (Los Negrales).

For the meantime, the materials are mostly available in Spanish. As days pass by, and little by little, the sections will be filled with materials. And other languages will soon be available. The website is designed by the same layout artist of the book itself.

Screenshot 20191024 071823 Com.claretiano.anoclaretianoA mobile app is also available for the techy Claretians and for those who are always in the field, in the missions, on the go. Although the contents are plainly for the members of the Congregation, one may take advantage of reading the itinerary of Claret and the history of the Congregation available each day. You can find the link to the app at the bottom of the website or simply search for Año Claretiano in Play Store and App Store. The app is designed by Diego Magrin of the Claretiano Rede de Educação, the Claretian University owned by the Claretian Province of Brasil. For the meantime, the app is available in Spanish and partly available in English. Other languages will be added soon.

Claretian Year project will start on January 1, 2020. The rite for the handling of the book to each professed member of the Congregation is already available on the “Other Materials” section of the said website.



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