The Cycle of Conferences on Claret Continues

Nov 21, 2007 | Claretian Family, Founders

Rome. The second of the three conferences on Claret which we had already announced took place in the conference hall of the community of Banchi Vecchi, of Rome, in the Church of Santa Lucía of Gonfalone. It was given by Fr. Francisco Contreras Molina, cmf, professor of Sacred Scripture in the University of Granada. The topic was “The Word of God in the life of St. Anthony Mary Claret.”

The life of Claret was guided, since his youth, by the power of the Word that he constantly read and meditated, and recommended in his ministry whenever he could. The mark that his bishop Mons. Corcuera engraved in the Saint was for him a true discovery in the midst of a generalized atmosphere of prejudices against the reading of the Bible.

Although the theme allowed a great extension, the speaker was able to focus on concrete points of greater interest, and he offered to the participants the complete text of the long conference.

The talk elicited some questions the answer to which served to go deeper into the theme.

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