The Encounter with Claret Has Begun

Sep 12, 2011 | Brothers, Congregation, The Claretian Mission

Vic, España. On the 1st of September the second session of the “Encounter with Claret” in Spanish began at our House of Spirituality in Vic. Those participating were the following Claretians: Alipio Umo Sepa (Ecuatorial Guinea), Martín Montoya García and Ernesto Mejia Mejía (Mexico), Luis Erlin and Sebastiano Fraciulli (Brazil), …

… Victor Alejandro Matute Uribe and Nicanor Vázquez Pérez (Perú-Bolivia), Antonio Gálvez Tomey, Antonio Jiménez Miguel, José María Monreal Gómez and Fernando Sotillo Centeno (Santiago), Rubén González (Venezuela), Luis María Barrenechea and Víctor Guerendiaín (Euskal Herria), Eugenio Pizzio and Remigio Chmelar (San José del Sur), Pascal Renoncourt (Antilles), Jeronimo Trigo (Portugal), Hugo Asturias and Eduardo Alfaro (Central América).
Accompanying them were: Gonzalo Fernández and the “three Jesus”, members of the CESC in Vic: Jesu Doss, Jesús M. Palacios and Jesús Bermejo. Interspersed during The Encounter will be visits to places most emblematic in Catalunya (Sallent, Fusimaña, Barcelona, Vic, Viladrau, Seva, Espinelves, Fontfroide) with explanations from the professors.
Until now they have tackled the geographic and historical contexts of Claret and various stages of his life: infancy in Sallent, youth in Barcelona, formation in Vic and apostolic missionary in the lands of Catalunya. The group will visit Barbastro on their way to Colmenar Viejo, Madrid where they will take on the next steps in the life of Claret.

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