The Gift of the Forge

Mar 30, 2019 | The Forge

Madrid Spain. What a joy to exclaim: first Forge for the elders well concluded!

Nine Claretian Missionaries who have already spent countless years of service to the Congregation met together in the peaceful corner of Los Negrales (Madrid), during the month of March 2019 with all the willingness to adjust more, make their own lives better, and participate in the process of charismatic renewal that the Congregation offers to in setting another stage of life.

During these days, they were guided in walking into in a new life, orienting their hearts to God (CC 52). To achieve this, they have run through the autobiography of San Antonio Maria Claret and of theirs. In an environment of spiritual exercises, they reflected, been accompanied and enlightened by the biblical stories of old biblical characters. They also returned to learn some vital learning such as: health and body care, self-acceptance, forgiveness and letting oneself be forgiven, learn to die, learn hope, return to the source of the virtues of Fr. Claret to bear fruit… They had moments of recreation, visit to the city of Segovia and the La Granja of San Ildefonso, the Seminary of Colmenar Viejo, and the community of the elders.

At the bottom of everything, the sovereignty of God, the primacy of the Word, the presence of Mary were the main factors that guided the group. The welcoming, comprehensive and sincere atmosphere has filled the March days with quality and grace and has made possible a new and joyful experience.

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