The Martyrs of Barbastro, Protagonists in a Movie

May 23, 2012 | Causes of Saints, Martyrs of Barbastro

Madrid, Spain. This past week signatures were placed on the first agreement between the Claretian Missionaries and “Contracorriente Producciones”, a firm dedicated to making short films and movies about values and messages expressly evangelical.

Headquartered in Ciudad Rodrigo (Spain), ‘Contracorriente’ has gathered together a good number of Christians known in the world of cinema, among their works are “Jesus, pilgrim of the light”, “Talitha Koum”, and “Paul of Tarsus, the final journey”. Several of their works have been successful and have earned awards in international contests such as the Film Festivals of Brussels (Belgium) and Trent (Italy).

The producers will be focused in the next months in the preparation and filming of a movie on the martyrdom of the Claretian Community of Barbastro (Huesca). The script has been studied by various experts, such as Frs. Jorge M. Ayala, Vicepostulator of the Province of Santiago, and José Beruete, Director of the Martyr’s Museum. The work will be ready for viewing in cinemas and theatres about the middle of 2013.

The General Government has shown great interest in the project which will be a valuable instrument to make known the memory and experience of the Blessed Claretians. In the name of the General Government, Fr. Manuel A. Tamargo, Provincial Superior of Santiago, signed the first agreement with representatives of the production company (photo)

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