The Superior General to the Claretians of Antillas

Jan 15, 2010 | Antillas

We offer the text of the letter that the Superior General, Fr. Josep M. Abella, has addressed from India to the Claretian Missionaries of the Delegation of Antillas, of which Haiti is part.
Chennai, January 14, 2010

Dear brothers of the Delegation of Antillas:
These last few days we are all pending from the situation in Haiti. Many are the persons who have lost their life or are crying for the death of their relatives and friends. The images of the Social Communications Media leave us immersed in a sensation of deep pain and of certain impotence. I hope that many international organizations know how to respond with generosity to the tremendous situation that you are living in that country. We are trying to do what we can and, as Fr. Héctor Cuadrado has indicated, we will try to channel our help through PROMICLA of Puerto Rico.

Our thought goes in a special way towards the two Claretians who, at this moment, are in Haiti, by their people. Fr. Anistus Onuoha and Fr. Beauplan, I want to assure you that you are present in the heart and in the prayers of each one of us. The other two members of the community, Frs. Aníbal Zilli and Joachim Grendotti, are in their own countries on the occasion of their vacations. From the first moment we have all felt worried for your situation, Frs. Anistus and Beauplan. It has given us pleasure to know that you are well and are sharing, minute by minute, the suffering of your people. Don’t stop giving consolation and maintaining alive the hope of all. I am sure that your testimony of acceptance and closeness to all will be the best message. We also feel close to the other Haitian Claretians and continue concerned expecting news assuring us that their relatives are well.

I want to thank Fr.Rogelio for his interest in making himself immediately present to see how our brothers are and in bringing them the embrace of all of us. I know that Fr. Héctor and Fr. Alexis are also trying to approach Port au Prince. They will make them feel the solidarity of all the Claretians and will seek, together with the two of them, the most adequate way to channel the help that many Claretians and other persons close to us want to make reach Haití. We impatiently expect their news.

I want to make clear my closeness to all the members of the Delegation of Antillas. Only a short while ago you had to accompany the suffering of the Haitian people as a result of the typhoon that caused so much destruction, especially in the parish of Kazal. Now you have to confront the terrible trial that this earthquake is going to bring. We feel you very close to us y we want you to feel us very close to all of you. I am sure that you will be able to find the concrete way to express your solidarity to those who now need a more urgent form of this gesture.

Our prayer to the Father of all does not stop, that he will make us capable of being signs and instruments of his love. Here, in Chennai, we are constantly remembering you. You may be sure of our prayer and of our commitment to help.

A fraternal embrace,

Josep M. Abella, cmf
Superior General

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