The WYD 2018 + CF Ended Thanking God and With A Surprise

Jan 22, 2019 | Ecclesiastical News, WYD 2019 + CF, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Panama City, Panama. The days in Claretian Family commonly, called as WYD 2019 + CF, held at the Claret School of Panama in Panama City prior to the main events of the World Youth Day ended yesterday, 21 January 2019, thanking God for the wonderful experience of being together as one family.

The day started with the sharing of experiences of the collaborators and staff of the event. Then the participants underwent 2 workshops each out of 24 prepared workshops that dealt with different realities of the youth, the church and the society. In the afternoon, the pilgrims went out to do mission in the vicinity, in the Acacías area, visiting the elderly and the people, picking up and cleaning the sorroundings, showing that they have come not only to dance and enjoy but also to serve, love and see the Lord in others.

In the evening, after doing mission in the streets, the whole family thanked the Lord through the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, singing songs of praise and thanksgiving. Meanwhile, outside the covered court, confessions were going on for those who felt asking God for forgiveness for those times that they were not able to follow God’s will and were not able to show love to their neighbors.

Before the day finally ended, the family was blessed by the visit of the WYD Pilgrim Cross and the Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, symbols of the WYD which has traveled all over world many times since the start of WYD and has been witnessed by millions of young and old through time. The Claretian Family sang and dance with joy, praising the Lord for this grand opportunity, an opportunity that many would never forget in their lives.

Today, January 22 is the start of the official and main events of the World Youth Day 2019 in Panama. You can watch all the events live in the lower section of the front-page of this website.

Viva the “viña joven que arde en caridad” (young vineyard who arden with love)!


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