Towards a Missionary Maturity: Annual Assembly of Indonesia-Timor Leste Independent Delegation

Dec 13, 2022 | ASCLA East, Indonesia - Timor Leste

Benlutu, Indonesia: The members of the Delegation represented by all local community superiors, mission coordinator of different places, prefects, representation of brothers and students together with the council of the Delegation gathered together from December 6 to11, 2022 at Wisma Claretian Benlutu, Soe, TTS to evaluate the journey of the Delegation in making the dreams of the Congregation as well as Delegation realized in the life and mission of each member and community within this single year.

Fr. Valens Agino, CMF, the major superior of the Delegation in his opening remarks as well as orientation of the process of assembly said that, “this assembly is very important to evaluate our personal and communal journey in making our commitments come true within our lives and ministries.” Following the synodal, narrative and appreciative methodology that the Congregation practised in our previous General Chapter (2021) and the meeting of major superiors with General Government in Nairobi (September 5 to 17, 2022), the participants involved in the groups discussing and evaluating the seventh congregational dream plus three unique and contextual dream of the Delegation. The goal of this annual assembly, Fr. Valens continued, “is to hear the echo of those dreams within the life of every member of the Delegation.”

The Delegation is grateful with the presence of Fr. Joseph Mbungu-Mutu, CMF, the General Prefect of Formation within the assembly. His presence expresses the closeness of the entire Congregation with the journey of the Delegation. His inputs and insights during the dialogue and generative conversation of the different dreams brought us to the conviction that we are not alone in this journey. It is truly a synodal journey.

Beside the synodal approach that we undertake along the journey, it is also a journey with hope. The Message of Father General to the assembly and the entire Delegation opens our horizon to hope for. “It is time to make concrete steps towards becoming a province, this Assembly is an opportunity to chart out a course toward this goal, This is a missionary challenge that the Delegation has to embrace along the journey by living out dreams and commitments concretely in different missions and ministries. Thus, let us pack our missionary baggage and continue our journey towards our common goal” said Father General.

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