Towards the future: reflections and decisions of the Youth Pastoral Council

Aug 23, 2023 | General Curia, Youth & Vocations Ministry

From 10 to 17 August 2023, the Council for Youth Ministry of the Claretian Missionaries met at the General Curia (in Rome) to establish the roadmap for the next triennium for the General Prefecture. The meeting was attended by members from different parts of the world. All in line with the aspiration of the Congregation: to strengthen the connection with the youth and the pastoral mission.

The Youth Pastoral Council consists of the General Prefect Br. Carlos Verga, CMF, (General Government), the global coordinator of the Youth Network +18 of the Claretian Family CLARET WAY, Fr. Luis E. Ortiz, CMF, (Delegation of Antilles), and a representative of each Conference:

  • ACLA (África): Fr. John Obonyo, CMF, (St. Charles Lwanga Delegation)
  • ASCLA EAST (Asia – Este): Fr. Martin Ele, CMF, (Fr. Rhoel Gallardo Province)
  • ASCLA WEST (Asia – Oeste): Fr. Thomas Paingottu, CMF, (St. Thomas Province)
  • ECLA (Europa): Fr. João Luis Escaleira, CMF, (Provincia Fátima)
  • MICLA (América): Fr. Julio Arváez, CMF, (Provincia Centroamérica)

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The main topics discussed included the creation of a new paradigm of mission and pastoral organisation, the integration of the Claret Way global youth network into the Claretian ministry, and the coordination of participation in the continental teams of Youth Pastoral Ministry.

Faithful to the Congregation’s commitment to evangelise through all possible means by making intelligent use of the media, the meeting also addressed youth ministry and communication, animated by Fr. José E. García, CMF, of the IClaret communications team.

There was intense reflection on the Claret Way WYD in Lisbon 2023, as well as the upcoming events already convened: the Jubilee with the youth in Rome 2025, and the WYD in Seoul 2027. Also, the need to align pastoral work with youth ministry was underlined and issues such as the new Claretian Vocation Directory and the promotion of safe environments to prevent any kind of abuse were discussed.

The meeting had spaces to share missionary experiences for young people and to dream together new creative ways of working with them. The foundations were laid for collaboration with CLARET WAY and the team of leaders of PJV.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop a roadmap for the next three years that aligns with the dream of the Congregation, a missionary body committed to universal brotherhood, justice, peace and care for the common home, rooted in faith in Jesus Christ and Claretian spirituality.

The results of this meeting not only set the direction for the Congregation’s youth ministry work, but also resonate with the broad vision of being creative, inclusive and deeply committed to evangelising and accompanying those young people who feel called by God.

Featured photo : Matese Fields on Unsplash

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