Jun 26, 2018 | Mission Alive, The Claretian Mission

18“All this university teaching is part of the great dream of the Indonesian Church – to train Catholics to be ‘one hundred percent Catholic, one hundred percent Indonesian’.”

I currently work as an Extraordinary Professor at the Pontifical Faculty of Theology Wedabhakti, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, a study center for young religious from the different Dioceses and Congregations. I teach Teologi Hidup Rohani (Spiritual Theology); Aesthetics and Consecrated Life; Aesthetics, Harmony and Culture of Peace before the Challenge of Religious Radicalism, and Spirituality Eco-Poimenik. I also impart themes related to Religious Life in some extension courses.

Likewise, I also teach at the Indonesian Pastoral Institute some classes for the postgraduate program, such as, for example, Contextual Theology, Pastoral Theology, Poimenik. The Institute prepares young missionaries who goes to different areas of the country for mission after finishing their careers through the Missio Canonica. Most of the students of this Institute come from the islands that need more professors of Catholic Religion or of professional catechists.


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