Updates in the Communication Area of the Congregation

Apr 11, 2023 | Congregation, Communication

The Claretian Missionaries announce two significant changes in the field of communication: the use of a brand name for their social media profiles and the appointment of an International Spokesperson for the Congregation.

At their last General Chapter, the Claretians set a goal to reach before 2027. The fifth part of this dream states:

We dream of a Congregation that has as its starting point the biblical animation of all pastoral ministry (cf. VD 73), evangelises with all possible means in shared mission, […] and the intelligent use of the various forms of communication media.

Following this dream, the General Government approved during its intensive Council in March 2023 a single brand name for all its social media profiles: iClaret. Currently, the network has two official accounts: a Facebook account and a Youtube account.

The appointment of Fr. José Enrique, CMF, as Spokesperson for the Congregation also came into effect. He describes his role as follows: 

“The position of a stable spokesperson responds to the desire we Claretians have to continue walking towards that dream for 2027; my role will focus on supporting the work that my Claretian brothers are already doing in so many places throughout the more than 70 countries in which we are present, especially when it is necessary to give an official voice on behalf of the Congregation.”

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How Communication is organised in the Claretian Missionaries

At the general level, the Communication area of the Claretian Missionaries is part of the General Prefecture of Bible Ministry and Communication, led by Fr. Henry Babatunde Omonisaye, CMF. It comprises six sub-areas: iClaret, External Relations, Cybermissionaries, Claretian Publishing Group, Art and Digital Broadcasting, and Pastoral on Social Networks.

The permanent communication team at the General Curia are the Claretian Fathers: Louie R. Guades III, Coordinator, Nelson Thomas Puthenparambil, José Enrique García, and Joseph Ikemefuna Iwobi. The iClaret Team aims to strengthen communication within the Congregation of the Claretian Missionaries and expand their presence in digital media, thus promoting the evangelising mission and adapting to the challenges of the digital age.

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