Walking in Solidarity and Mission

Apr 4, 2019 | Apostolate, Noticeboard

DAY OF THE CLARETIAN MISSION (April 28 ‘2019) Jesus Christ passed among us doing good and fighting against evil. In all times, latitudes and cultures we find people of good will who, like Him, went and continue to plant the most fundamental values, inspiring us with their testimony of life.

Claret, in his time as archbishop of Santiago, Cuba, met with the poorest every Monday of the year. He sought to know well, visit periodically and respond not only to the challenges of the Church, but also to the challenges and problems of society. That is why he promoted comprehensive instruction for boys and girls, instituted charitable houses and social cooperatives, provided good hospital care, facilitated apprenticeship training for prisoners, set up credit unions in each parish, opted for more efficient and just agriculture, published teaching books and started positive play spaces to avoid idleness and vices, defended better conditions and rights for slaves, fought against illegitimate unions, helped the population to survive a tragic earthquake. Fought for charity and justice, solidarity and mission.

We are not surprise that so many Claretians have followed in his shoes and practice the “definition of the missionary.” They are today’s ambassadors of the great love of God, multiplying (or at least distributing) “loaves and fishes” in the great metropolitans as in the most distant or inhospitable places. They live and go out of their way in favor of the impoverished, displaced, orphans, widows, indigenous peoples on the cliff and thousands of others “thirsty” for attention or work, education or an opportunity. Listening to them, echoing their cries or defending them in various forums (local, regional and international), collaborating, training them and learning with others (academics, professionals, NGOs, associations, foundations), fighting against injustices and at the same time proposing alternatives while they travel and they are transformed.

There are so many themes, the “causes” of JPIC, problems, objectives of sustainable development! And also the proliferate needs, calamities, and contingencies!

Our ” General Mission Procure” and “Proclade Internacional” have many requests for help, many more than can be met with the resources entrusted to them. It is understandable that they receive around a hundred projects / yearly, since we live and work in the peripheries. Now the challenge is to be even more creative, increasing the network of solidarity and calling each and everyone (including the usual “recipients” of our solidarity) to contribute with their “bread and fishes” (be it prayer, time, gifts, material or patrimonial resources).

The Day of the Claretian Mission (II Sunday of Easter – this year on April 28), the missionary week, the annual campaign (in community, with friends, at work, at school, parish or social networks) in favor of 1 project, the experience of volunteering are some of the good practices and opportunities that we offer you and that can make the difference for those who need it most. Do you want to join us? On behalf of our Team, I thank you and ask God to bless your generosity.

A hug,

Artur Teixeira, CMF | General Prefect of Apostolate

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