When I was thirsty you gave me water to drink

May 21, 2022 | Cameroun, Solidarity & Mission

Sakdje, Cameroon. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) seeks to ensure safe drinking water and sanitation for all. Water is one of the most important elements in the daily life of society.

Sakdje is a village in the Northern Region of Cameroon handed over to Claretian Missionaries in October 2021. It covers 13 villages where the Claretian priests of Cameroun Independent Delegation celebrate masses for the people. Their focus is on two villages: Sakdje and Djaba.

In Sakje and Djaba, the villages that attracted their curiosity since their arrival in this almost forgotten part of Cameroon, water is scarce.

During the rainy season, which lasts only 3 to 4 months in the year, the population can collect as much water as it can. But in the dry season, it becomes very scarce and undrinkable.

Many diseases are observed in this area because of the consumption of river and lake water.

This motivated the Claretians to carry out their very first project towards the realization of boreholes and overhead water tanks to thus contribute to relieving the social pain of the people.

Claretian Missionaries of Cameroon moved by this pressing need are Fundraising to provide Potable Water to different Villages in that Zone. Their Goal is approximately 20.000USD per village.

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