“A New Plundering of Africa”

Jun 14, 2011 | Claret Publishing Group

Madrid, Spain. The Spanish magazine Vida Nueva (no. 2,757) dedicated the leading article of this edition to the new plundering of Africa. Among the articles and commentaries, two Claretian Missionaries in Zimbabwe, Fathers Antonio Llamas and Luis M. Guerrero, were highlighted. Speaking on behalf of the Church and the people of Africa, they denounced the new forms of colonialism which compromise their future.

In the face of international indifference, Africa is becoming the object of a new exploitation of its primary resources. These countries are little valued, populated primarily by very young people, their whole future in front of them, a half-century of independence. The potential to colonize is returning – especially among those who are coming in with great vigor such as China – supported by the fragility of local democratic institutions, in which corruption has deep roots.

Only the Church, although with a voice which is still greatly subdued, seems to be conscience of the great damage being caused by the purchase of lands to feed rich countries in a continent which has 900 million inhabitants with chronic hunger.

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