Annual Retreat and Claretian Discerning Leadership workshop Empowers Members in Indonesia

Aug 8, 2023 | Indonesia - Timor Leste, Discerning Leadership Workshop

Benlutu, Indonesia.  In responding to the call of the XXVI General Chapter to exercise the gift of service of authority in the various roles and responsibilities entrusted by the community (cf. QC 57c, 62), and after the workshop on Claretian Discerning Leadership held in Karukutty, Kerala – India from 1 to 14 February 2023, the Independent Delegation of Indonesia-Timor Leste held its first group of annual retreats with the specific theme of Claretian Discerning Leadership at Wisma Claretian – Retreat House of Benlutu. This annual retreat and leadership training were divided into three different groups starting from 28 July 2023 to 30 August 2023. Each group lasted nine days and consisted of twenty-eight participants.

Frs. Valens Agino, Nikolaus Ilan, and Yoseph Ferdinandus Melo, CMFF, guided participants through an insightful itinerary of modules, immersed in the essence of Claretian Discerning leadership. These multidimensional sessions encompassed reflective discourses, enlightening presentations, introspective contemplation, and collaborative group exchanges. The incorporation of these elements aimed to nurture leaders’ capacity to interpret the divine will in their respective missions and roles.

A notable highlight of the retreat was the virtual engagement with Fr. Mathew Vattamattam, CMF, Superior General, facilitated through the Zoom platform. Father General, in his reflective discourse emphasized the collective longing for authenticity and emphasized the fundamental responsibility vested in leaders and individuals alike, urging them to champion authenticity within their immediate community.

Source: Fr. Ferdinandus Mello, CMF, Secretary, Ind. Delegation of Indonesia-Timor Leste

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