Antofagasta. Caring Action

Jun 10, 2008 | Claretian Family, Health Care

Chile. The education ministry of the Heart of Mary School of Antofagasta, in the framework of aid to the brothers in need, carried out, on June 4, an action of solidarity with the Association of Parents of cerebral paralysis children. This Association of Parents is an entity administered by the parents themselves, who receive no subvention from the Government or from any other entity. They perform the sinesical and phonoaudiological therapies in a social centre, from which the State has wanted to evict them.

The above mentioned school carried out a campaign with all the delegates of the ministry and the courses of the school, gathering diapers, masks, liquid soap, surgical gloves, etc. The parents of these children were thankful for this action and insisted that they continue being so caring with love for these more needy children.

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