Bengaluru, India. Forty-eight Young Claretian missionaries from the five Indian Major Organisms gathered at Claret Nivas Carmelaram from 5-10 August 2019 for the Quinquennial programme. These 48 young Claretians were a lively and energetic group.

This was a period of reflection and renewal for these members. The topics dealt with during the encounter were: community life, Claretian Missionary life today, Value Relativism, etc.

The celebrations of the Holy Eucharist and common prayers as a Claretian family infused in them the feelings of closeness and one Claretian Family. It was also a fruitful time through daily personal sharing among the members.

The period also provided opportunity for each Major Superior to listen to his members in group. The young priests felt listened to and affirmed. Time allotted for games, group work and visit to some of the Claretian missions in Bengaluru made the interactions more fruitful.

Most of all, it was a time of interpersonal sharing and close encounter, for some after a few years of gap. The whole encounter gave these young Claretians renewed energy and enthusiasm to go forth as missionaries.

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