Bética Celebrates It’s Annual Formation Encounter

Feb 9, 2012 | Bética, Formation, The Forge

Sevilla, Spain. Every year the Claretians of Bética celebrate a formation encounter in the month of February. The encounter is organized by zones, which facilitate the participation, without neglecting care to the communities and apostolic works.

Each year there is a theme. Last year it was on “The Forge”. This year they took on one of the three priorities of the Province of Bética: Vocation Ministry. Given the theme, this time it was prepared and lead by the Vocation Youth Ministry Team.

The first round of this year’s gatherings was held in the Curia of the Province, in Seville, directed to the Claretians of Western Andalusia zone, although they also came from other areas.

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Reunited To Revise The Forge

Reunited To Revise The Forge

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