Brother Calonzi, 80 years of religious consecration

Jul 26, 2009 | Brothers

Italy. In this 160th anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation, the Missionary Brother Giuseppe Calonzi reaches the 80th anniversary of his religious profession that is to say, he has lived as a Claretian one half of the history of our Congregation. His faithfulness to the Lord in this his long life and his dedication to the services entrusted compartimos todos sus hermanos claretianos. Le encomendamos al Señor y al Corazón de María to him by his superiors are for us a stimulus for our day-to-day faithfulness, our effort to promote the vocations of Missionary Brothers and a motive of joy that all of us his Claretian brothers share with him. We commend him to God and to the Heart of Mary.

Brother Calonzi was born in Capradrosso, Province of Rieti, Italy, in 1912. He has worked in Ciampino, Antrodoco, Albano, Marino, Palermo, Roma-Via Giulia, Catania, Altamura and his present residence is Roma-Via Banchi Vecchi, where the community loves him and attends to him in everything that his age deserves.

With these lines we express in the name of the entire Congregation our warmest congratulation. Auguri, Fratello Calonzi!

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