Carving A Diamond: 75 Years of Religious Life

Jul 20, 2019 | México, Profession Anniversaries

Mexico City, Mexico. Just as the diamond must be carved through a specific process to acquire the brightness and shape that enchant the view and empty the pocket, so the life of a consecrated person is carved with the wear and tear of the years and through a continuous process of formation, apostolic dedication and inner life.

These lines serve to highlight the 75 years of religious life of the Claretian Missionary priest Arturo Cisneros Vera, CMF that on July 16 reached his diamond anniversary of consecration .

In the framework of the 170 years of foundation of the Congregation and at the juncture of the end of the General Canonical Visit to the Province of Mexico, 93 year-old Fr. Arturo, together with other Claretians (Fr. Humberto Rodríguez Pérez, CMF and Bro. José T. García Mejía, CMF) who will celebrate their golden profession anniversary on August 22, renewed their consecration to God in the hands of Fr. Artur Teixeira, cmf; in a serious and firm voice he pronounced the profession formula, just as he did 75 years ago.


Mx 20190716 75 Años De Profesión 1

The Claretian Missionaries of Mexico, together with the congregational joy for the 170th anniversary of the foundation, thank God for the gift of fidelity to the vocation granted to our brother, the oldest in the Province of Mexico today.


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