Claretian Family. Greetings from Vic

Jun 5, 2009 | Catalunya, Claretian Family

Claretian Family.
Greetings from Vic Spain.
Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Claretian Family: 1. Four years after our last Encounter in Bangalore (India), seventeen members of all the Institutions that form the Claretian Family have gathered in Vic, from 12 to 16 May, 2009. Vic always brings to our memory the origin of the missionary dream of Claret, whose tomb, where we have been pouring our efforts and concerns during these five days, also means the strength that impels us to continue maintaining the universal spirit of our evangelizing mission alive.

2. Always from the effort of a greater comprehension of what our Family means, we took our first steps, from the end of the previous Encounter, to carry out the activities and projects that we had set for ourselves. And it was deemed convenient to specify the raison d’être of our Encounters in order to make them more operative. And after an enriching dialogue we decided to have this Encounter here, in Vic.

3. In a climate of fraternal and charismatic communion, within the diversity of our Institutions, we have tried to better define our identity as Claretian Family. To this end, we have prepared some simple, clear and precise Statutes, which will allow us, with the mediations that we have established, a more flexible functioning and a more effective coordination. This has been the main objective of our Encounter. We believe that, with the strength of the Spirit of Jesus, the warmth of the physical nearness of Claret and the courage that emanates from the places of the beginning of his life, which we have been able to visit, we have happily attained this objective.

4. We depart from here with the commitment to make the letter of these Statutes live and operative. From the different Institutions of our Family we renew our attitude of a greater communion of life, a more live communication among us and a more fluid collaboration in the diverse activities of our evangelizing task.

5. An important moment of the Encounter has been the election of María Soledad Galerón, Superior General of the RMI, as the general coordinator to carry out these commitments. She will impel the preparation of the next General Encounter which will take place in Equatorial Guinea in 2013.

6. We will send an affectionate greeting to all the brothers and sisters of the Claretian Family. We assure you that you have been very present in our prayer by the Tomb of St. Anthony M. Claret and we have counted on yours throughout our living together. We invite you all to maintain your faithfulness to the Lord who continues calling us to make more and more real the missionary dream of Claret in the diversity of charisms of our Founders and Foundresses.

Vic, May 16, 2009.

It is signed by J. M. Abella, M. S. Galerón, E. Rodríguez, C. Rodríguez, J. Tuku, M. Cibrian, P. Rovira and M. do C. Duarte.

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