Claretian Missionaries approved as an Associated NGO of the UN – DPI

Mar 24, 2011 | JPIC, UN Presence

Rome. Thanks to the leadership of the General Government and the efforts of our confreres and associates of the US Province, especially Fr. Eddie de Leon, Fr. Tom Joyce and Ms. Coni Schneider, we have just been approved as an Associated NGO of the United Nations Dept. of Public Information (UN DPI) …

This means that as an accredited NGO, we, Claretians, now have a basic access to the UN which is an international forum for JPIC advocacies. This is just an initial step, but a significant step nonetheless, towards a greater participation in a forum where discussions and decisions are made that affect the lives of billions of people around the world, especially those most in need.

A team shall be composed soon to plan and carry out the initial work that we will be doing at the United Nations in New York. We all can expect to be updated regularly of the progress of this work as well as ways by which most of us can be engaged.

For more information about UN DPI and the relationship which Assocaited NGO’s have with it, you may visit this link:

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