Claretian University in Brazil Achieved Seven Maximum Scores in the University Evaluation

Jan 10, 2019 | Brasil, Education Ministry

Batatais, Brazil. Claretiano – Rede de Educação is glad to make public the excellent results achieved in the educational field by its units and centers throughout Brazil. In 2018, the university was evaluated by different commissions of the Ministry of Education (MEC) for accreditation and re-accreditation, for authorization of new degrees and for recognition and validation of ongoing degrees.

Based on quality indicators established by the National System for Higher Education Evaluation (SINAES), the commissions assessed different components of the university, such as teaching, research, extension, social responsibility, institutional management, teaching staff and infrastructure, using a score system ranging from 1 to 5. The university earned 7 maximum scores in this strict assessment process carried out by the National Commission for Higher Education Evaluation (CONAES), which was based on the analysis of documents and meetings with managers, course coordinators, professors, tutors, students, graduates and employees.

Institutional accreditation and re-accreditation

Claretiano – Centro Universitário de Batatais received the maximum score in the re-accreditation process. This result confirms the quality of the education provided by the Institution, which is also authorized to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees – both face-to-face and online ones – in its Units and centers in Brazil and abroad.

Claretiano – Faculdade de Rio Claro was recognized by the Ministry of Education as a University (according to the Brazilian Educational System, this unit of Claretiano was previously classified as a faculty, which does not have as much autonomy as a university). Since this unit of Claretiano achieved the maximum score in the assessment process, the Institution has been granted autonomy to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in face-to-face and online learning modalities, in accordance with the Guidelines and Bases for the Brazilian Education (LDB).

Another great news concerns the accreditation of Claretiano – Faculdade de Boa Vista, in Roraima (RR). This unit had been offering basic education and operating as a distance education center for 10 years. As it received the highest score in the accreditation process, it was recognized as a Faculty and, now, has been granted the legal right to offer face-to-face undergraduate degrees as well, besides the online ones it already offers.

Considering the increasing offer of higher education in Brazil, the results achieved in the National System of Higher Education Evaluation (SINAES) vouch for Claretiano – Rede de Educação as an Institution that offers education of excellence, aiming at the education of holistic individuals and ethical and responsible professionals.

Authorization and Validation of degrees

In addition to the assessment processes for the accreditation and re-accreditation of its three units, Claretiano – University also received other commissions from the Ministry of Education (MEC) in order to obtain authorization to offer new degrees as well as validation for ongoing degrees.

In this context, having proved the excellence of its pedagogical and managing infrastructure, of its faculty and its infrastructure of laboratories, library and other learning spaces, the Institution obtained the maximum score in its Law degree, in Batatais (SP), and in its Human Resources Management and Administration degrees, in Boa Vista (RR).

Likewise, in the unit of Batatais (SP), the Occupational Therapy degree underwent the validation process, having also reached the maximum score in the Ministry of Education evaluation process.

It is also worth mentioning that in the score system ranging from 1 to 5 established by the MEC, the Philosophy and Nursing degrees in Batatais (SP), and Biomedicine and Nursing degrees, in Boa Vista (RR), achieved 4, which is a great score.

Claretiano’s students: the best grades in the Student Performance National Exam (ENADE)

In addition to the in loco visits from the governmental Commissions for the institutional accreditation and re-accreditation, and for the authorization, recognition and validation of degrees, the National System for Higher Education Evaluation (SINAES) has an evaluation intended for the students enrolled in undergraduate degrees: the Student Performance National Exam (ENADE).

Currently, Claretiano – University has more than 60 undergraduate and 90 postgraduate degrees, offered in face-to-face, blended and online learning modalities. For six consecutive years, Claretiano – University has held, according to the results achieved in ENADE, the position of the best University of Distance Education in Brazil.

The achievements of Claretiano – Rede de Educação, which has been offering higher education for the past 49 years, are the results of its Mission and Educational Project, its Charter of Principles, and the commitment of each member of its educational community in the mission to seriously and effectively educate, enabling “[…] the Human Person for the professional practice and the commitment to life”.

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