Claretiano School: Innovating the Educational System in Ji-Paraná of the Amazon Region

Feb 2, 2022 | Brasil, Education Ministry

Ji-Paraná, Brazil. January 31, 2022, is a remarkable date for Ji-Paraná, a city in the state of Rondônia, Amazon region, as Claretiano School, a member of the Claretiano Educational Network opens its high-quality educational system to the kindergarten and elementary school children in Ji-Paraná.

The 100 students enrolled at Claretiano School will strictly adhere to health protocols and preventive measures against COVID-19. The teachers were given orientations on personal health care for their protection and for their students. Body temperature check, social distancing inside the classroom, use of alcohol gel and liquid, washing hands, and the mandatory use of safety masks in all areas of the unit will be part of the routine of the students.

Fr. Luiz Botteon, CMF, Administrative Director of the Claretiano – Education Network, was in the city and closely followed the beginning of classes. He said in an interview by Claretian FM Radio in Batatais:

“With the school in Ji-Paraná, in the Amazon region, the Claretiano is meeting the call of the Church. This is the fourth school in the Amazon region, and we will start serving 130 students from kindergarten to 5th grade. We are located in a building that, in the past, housed a school, and this will help us in the environment of our teaching unit.”

The institution’s building has undergone renovations for the beginning of classes and has been adapted to receive all students from kindergarten 2 to 5th grade. The space has modern, large classrooms, and all have gel and liquid alcohol. The toilets were adapted according to each age group. There are lavatories in various parts of the school to offer and stimulate the students’ hygiene. There is also a cafeteria fully managed by Claretiano and offers individualized snacks and juice made with fruit pulp.

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For this educational reality to be possible in Ji-Paraná, the school’s pedagogical team has been working since October last year. And this year, the institution’s educators have already undergone training and will continue further.

The most recent one took place between January 17 and 28, in a virtual way, involving the Anglo Support. With 70 years of experience in developing teaching materials, it offers a methodology and teaching material in line with the new guidelines of the Ministry of Education (MEC). The teaching material used by the entire Claretian Network is in partnership with Anglo.

During the training, which was called “Assessoranglo,” the teachers participated in several activities, including how to teach differentiated classes, the use of technology in the classroom, the BNCC, and others.

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One of the novelties of the school is the English Stars bilingual education in the curriculum from Pre2 to 5th grade, with three weekly classes. After all, the teaching of English is increasingly present, especially after being provided by the BNCC. The teaching material, English Stars, is part of the Anglo Ecosystem, produced by Macmillan Education, a publishing house based in London.

With English Stars, in addition to the physical material, students have access to a gamified digital platform. We highlight the main benefits that this material offers students: it develops 21st-century skills through classroom activities; it promotes effective communication, critical thinking, and collaborative work; it works with the integrated, project-based methodology STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), which aims to educate people with diverse knowledge, develop values and prepare citizens for the challenges of the future.

The school also works with Integrative Projects. Among them is Music and Chess, in which these activities are introduced into the students’ school routine. Among the benefits of this project are the stimulus to memorization, concentration, planning, and the ability to make decisions.

Now Ji-Paraná has the best and most modern education, with contemporary structure, innovative teaching material, a complete educational formation, a new concept for the city.


It is worth noting that Claretiano – Colégio Ji-Paraná is part of the Claretiano – Education Network, which has dedicated more than 110 years to education, runs 10 schools, 4 colleges, and more than 115 Distance Learning Centers in Brazil and abroad. It also offers a Distance Learning Platform that provides undergraduate and graduates courses in the city.

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