Claretians and Lay Claretians give immediate responses

Feb 28, 2010 | Brothers, Claretian Family, Community Life

Haiti. Last Monday, February 15, a historical reunion took place in which the following got together: the Claretian Missionaries of Haiti (Frs. Joachim, Beauplan and Anistus), of Jimaní (Dominican Rep.), (Frs. Pepe and Roselio), the Government Team of the Delegation of Antilles (Frs. Héctor, Alexis and Camilo) and the Lay Claretians, members of the Board of PROMICLA (Tomás Lamberty and Nancy Burgos).

One month after the tragedy, the moment arrived to take some distance from the tragic situation that the people of Haiti are still experiencing, and analyze with some objectivity what is the reality of the people, of the Claretians who live in Haiti and in Jimaní, and to agree together on an action plan to make effective all the solidarity that is being offered from so many parts of the world.

We also analyzed the human and material resources we have and established some priorities in a short and long term. Doubtless the first one of them is the stabilization of the Claretian community of Haiti. Our brothers are still living in the open. Until we can get for them a safe place to live, it will be impossible for them to help the rest. Thus, this will be our first objective.

In the second place, we want to habilitate as soon as possible the St. Anthony Mary Claret church of Nazon. To this end, we must start by gathering all the debris with the people of the community themselves. We cannot expect the help of the government or from other sources, since they already have enough work. Once the debris is gathered, we will try to buy a large awning in order to be able to celebrate our Faith with the Christian community, who so much needs a place of prayer to pray for their dead relatives and ask for divine help.

We will also try to provide the community with a vehicle that may serve them to adequately move through the city. We have decided to continue with the distribution of staple food and to assign places for it among the people in strategic points of the parish territory.

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