Claretians of Latin America gather in Mexico-1

Apr 15, 2008 | MICLA

Mexico. We gathered at nine in the morning of March 31 to begin our Assembly where marvellously all the organisms and the missions that compose CICLA were present. We started with a short prayer led by Fr. Agustín Monroy around the Claretian “Quid Prodest” and we proceeded to our missionary and evangelizing task in our continent. Then we introduced ourselves, some very formally, others in jest, but all of us contributed to the fraternal spirit which we began to experience in this encounter.

Next we read the statutes of CICLA regarding the Assembly, to prepare the agenda that will mark the rhythm of these days of the encounter. After that, some messages were read from the General Government, encouraging us to go on with our life and mission in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Following the suggestions of the previous assembly celebrated in Luján, Argentina, we dedicated the rest of the day to have a Recollection, directed by Fr. Agustín Cabré, to lift up and nourish our missionary spirit and to open our eyes and our heart to the realities that we are presently living. All this was focused toward service, personal and community discernment in the exercise of the ministry of government, illustrating us with the figure of Pope John XXIII. In the afternoon the reflection was enlightened from the document of Aparecida which repeated the recommendations of Medellín and Puebla regarding the fundamental option for the poor, the support to the Basic Ecclesial Communities and the critical and missionary sense that our Church must have. The reflection ended calling our attention to the missionary attitude and the detachment of the first Claretians that came to our America.

To put the finishing touch to the day, we celebrated the Eucharist, enlightened from the Paschal mystery and the annunciation, placing in God’s hands the challenges and the signs of life of each one of our countries, and thanking Him for the gift of the life of Álvaro Arias, of the delegation of Venezuela.

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