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Feb 23, 2011 | Claret Publishing Group, Education Ministry, Italia, The Forge, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Lecco, Italy. The magazine “NOI, GENITORI & FIGLI” Supplement of the newspaper “Avvenire”, which has a wide circulation within the Italian church, dedicated the last edition, on January 30th, to the celebration of the “XXXIII Day for life”, backed by the Italian Bishops’ Conference. The motto for this year was: “Educate to the fullness of life”.For this purpose, the magazine NOI has selected three ministry projects with teachers who are in favour of life. Among them is the Community via Gaggio in Lecco (Italy), led by Father Angelo Cupini, Claretian missionary, with a team of 36 volunteers and 12 collaborators.

The title of the paper is: “In the Gaggio community, young people should find their place in the world”. Throughout the four pages dedicated to this ministry proposal is a summary of the history of this community of Lecco which helps about 70 teenagers and young immigrants from 27 countries of the world, to “have their say” about their own lives in order to become full fledged citizens and, above all, to release in themselves “all the potential of life that God has placed in them”.

For 35 years they have dedicated themselves to listening and communicating amongst the cultures and with the people themselves. We are talking about “mutual cross-fertilisation of ideas”, as Cardinal Martini called it, through which everyone takes on the responsibility of playing a leading role. (For more information: ).

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