Consecrated Life Week in the Claretianum II

Dec 28, 2008 | Claretian Family, Institutes of Consecrated Life

Rome. Psalm 119 continues accompanying the works of these days of the Week: “Be faithful to your servant, Lord, in accordance with your Word…”

Today the International Union of Women Superiors General (UISG) made itself present through the greetings of Sr. Maria Luisa Berzosa, Daughter of Jesus. Sister Gracia Paris, Dorothy of Cemmo, teaching in the Claretianum, developed the theme “The Word of God in the prayer of the Consecrated.” With feminine sensitivity she highlighted these aspects: look and word, to be what we are, encounter that “awakens” the heart, the mystery of the encounter, the encounter that transforms. She included a particular invitation: “to frequent the wells and our own inner well.”

The programme of the Week continues with the intervention of Fr. Andrzej Wodka, Redemptorist, teaching in the Alphonsiana Academy and in the Claretianum: “Biblical sources in the new Constitutions.” With a pleasant style he tried to make us see the change in the orientation of the Constitutions of the Institutes after the Vatican Council II: in the new Constitutions the Word of God is obvious. It could not be otherwise. With pleasant surprise Prof. Wodka limited himself to the analysis of the Constitutions of the Claretian Missionaries, underlining the biblical quotations.

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