“Dark Money”. A Documentary Film Produced by the Claretians of India

Apr 4, 2011 | Claret Publishing Group

Shillong, India. The Claretians from the Delegation of Northeast India have released a documentary film titled: “Dark Money”

The documentary received the approbation from the Ministry of Social Welfare from the State of Meghalaya and debuted with Archbishop Dominic Jala, Archbishop of Shillong and Fr. Joseph Anchupankil, Superior of the Delegation of Northeast India in attendance.

The production of this film received the help of the General Procure of Missions and from Fr. Alberto Rossa, CMF from the community of Macao.

The objective of the documentary was to denounce the inhuman conditions of the workers in the coal mines of Meghalaya in the Northeast of India, a region under the pastoral care of the Claretians.

Special attention was focused at the mine known as “the Rat Smoker” detailing the struggles of the miners as well as the ecological risks which affect the population in that area.

Various newspapers in India have published this news and are promoting the documentary.

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