1 August

Aug 1, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“A farm without cultivation produces nothing either for the owner or farmer. Religion without worship serves nothing, neither God nor man; it is useless. Therefore, it is an essential obligation for us to practice religion […] listening with eagerness and docility to his divine word which we must keep faithfully in our hearts and practice by works; receiving devoutly and frequently the holy Sacraments instituted for our good; offering with the Mass, the sacrifice of praise, prayer and submission to His divine will”
El ferrocarril. Barcelona 1857, p. 59s


The playful dimension is a fundamental need of human beings; it is necessary to give direction if you want to achieve an overall personal and emotional balance, which is the vital balance, at their different levels as well as the social balance; namely, the playful becomes a cultural aspect in the life of human beings.
It is an undeniable fact. We need to celebrate life, the joyful events, and even painful ones to make them meaningful… The festive events take place in all cultures and spring from the very heart of a being.
Humanizing factors are discovered in the atmosphere of fun; society needs these factors that are capable of creating a better way of living together. For his integral development and in its fullness, the human being needs to activate his multiple facets and potentialities. Among these are the fun and the festive, which, properly cultivated, without addiction or excess of competitiveness, positively affect the personal and social life; thus they contribute not only to our physical well-being but also to our social well-being.
Achieving the life project we are called to, there must be an awareness of living for our goal always. To achieve the goal is to develop the various human dimensions, enhancing a series of basic values in our relations: moral, social, intellectual … even physical values; all of them should lead to an openness to the transcendent and to some extent, it is to become Christian values.
When we discover the presence and the goodness of God, Creator and Father, we must at least put into play the dimension of fun and celebration. We celebrate the presence of God in our midst, in the creation, in his Word, in the Sacraments, in friendship, in love … And we express the joy of being his children, created and sustained by our Father.
How are my celebrations? Do I celebrate life as a gift from God?



21 December

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