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*106. There is nothing which ignites and conserves charity as for each one to know that the other feels and speaks well of him (33). Seneca was so convinced of this truth that he would say “if you want to be loved, love.” And truthfully there is no medium, more effective to be loved than to love first, because love cannot be paid other than with another love.
Ascetic letter … to the president of one of the choirs of the Academy of San Miguel. Barcelona 1862, p.14


Of the persons whom we truly love, we do not speak ill of them, because we don’t want to sully their reputation. Love does not imply blindness; but, even though, when the one who loves can’t deny and recognizes the truth in the persons that he loves, one knows how to excuse their defects, and look for reasons or justifications which might serve as an “explanation.”
We’re all sensitive to recognition, to praise. These predispose us toward whoever speaks well of us. But what really moves men’s hearts is love, disposition and service translated into acts, in generosity, in solidarity and closeness in difficult moments.
God has not wanted man to know him through manifestations of grandeur, which would provoke fear, nor has he made vague promises of salvation. He has given us life, the goods of the earth, he gives us his grace, he opens us to the hope of a complete salvation. He has manifested himself in many ways in history, by the proximity, the guide and protection for all who have hoped in him. He has made himself man, in solidarity with us in order to open the door of the kingdom of heaven and to achieve salvation. He has done this committing himself to us, he has given his life dying for us on the cross. To give one’s life is the greatest gesture of love that one can offer (cf. Jn 15,12)
He asks only that we accept his love, that we confide in him, that we live as he lived so that we arrive to where he is. He has done so much for us, without us having deserved it. The question is just: What do I do for you, Lord, you who have loved me so much so as to have died on the cross?

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