11 December

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“The one who is patient, suffers, is silent or speaks gently and offers everything to God at the imitation of Jesus who was suffering with and for his disciples and the masses; but the one who does not have this virtue, excuses himself saying that it is wasting time, but it is because of the lack of patience, because this person spends much time in other things than in the presence of God that are not worth more than suffering for the neighbour”
Carta ascética…..al president de uno de los coros de la Academia de San Miguel. Barcelona 1862, p. 9


There seems to be a lack of time nowadays. All of us are very occupied, stressed by all that we have to do. Some try their level best to support their family, others search to improve their status in life; there are others for whom the responsibility in their work is fundamental and for some others fighting to be competitive and survive is in play even though they are crushing others.
All of us know that things are not done spontaneously or in a good manner; but on the contrary there are other things more attractive and satisfying. We leave out easily things that suppose an effort or renunciation, though they may be very important; and to justify it we make any excuse or take up a task absolutely irrelevant or useless to justify ourselves. “I don´t have time” is the more frequent one for not doing what is asked of us. On the contrary, we know that when there is something interesting to us or that we want by all means, we make time, have energy and all the resources necessary to obtain it.
This is what is taking place in ordinary life and this is what is happening in the Christian life. We easily leave it for another moment – which generally never comes- or we postpone indefinitely a uncomfortable service to the brother, spend time to pray, read and meditate the Word of God or participate in the Sunday Mass. We always have very important “things” to do.
The more we cheat ourselves, taking shelter in these excuses (“I am very occupied”, “I am tired” or “I don´t have time”), we move away from the possibility of establishing our real priorities and to plan out our life according to them.
Is it not more sincere to recognize our fault than saying, “I have no time” or “I don´t want to”? Is it very difficult for us to face reality?



21 December

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