15 August

Aug 15, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“We must love the Blessed Virgin Mary because God wants it. To love is to want good for the beloved, it is to do good for him, and it is to make him share in your possessions. Well, the God himself gives us an example and encourages us to love Mary. The Eternal Father chose her for his own very beloved daughter. The Son took her as Mother and the Holy Spirit as spouse. All the Holy Trinity has crowned her as Queen and Empress of heaven and earth, and has constituted her as mediatrix of all graces”
Letter of a devotee of the Heart of Mary, in EC II, p. 1498


Holiness consists in discerning the will of God for my life and to fulfil it; Jesus Christ is the first in line: Here I am to do your will! And all the saints, without exception, were strong and willing. Claret felt he was caged up in Madrid, but he endured it because he knew it was the divine will. The first question I must ask myself is if I pray and ask to know what God wants of my life, with certainty in finding the fulfilment. The poet Antonio Machado expresses it: “Wanderer /now there is a way…”.
Sometimes the way is not seen. But, if you want to follow with illusion the will of the Father, sign a blank paper and tell him: “Here is the son of your handmaid, like her I tell you with all my soul: Let it be done to me according to your word!”
And a second point in the text we are commenting on today is to exclaim: I give myself up! The Blessed Trinity showed his love to the young girl of Nazareth filling her with his grace, privileges and virtues … But me, what can I do to show my love?
A text of Fray Luis de Leon comes to mind which delightfully describes the child in the arms of his mother, and with his little hands caresses her face. And the poet comments that the joy that produces the caress is so great that, I believe, not only pays the child everything, but also even the mother remains as debtor. This is what Mary wants: that we show him our full trust in his love and in his example. This is the caress he seeks, like the one that forced the simple Juan Diego at Tepeyac, when, eager to arrive on time to attend to his sick uncle, he goes a roundabout way so as to not meet the beautiful Lady. But she comes to meet him: he did not go around the mountain. Don’t you know that I am your Mother?
I end this reflection with a petition: “Leave, my dear Mother, for the encounter when I want to go around the mountain. Don’t let me escape your look and love, and make me caress your face with the tenderness of a child. Only this can I do in my littleness”.



21 December

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