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*206.- “I resolve to keep an even temper and disposition, never allowing myself to be carried away by anger, impatience, sadness, or exaggerated joy, always remembering the example of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, who also had their trials, and far greater ones than mine.”
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This is a good idea that you can give yourself today. We are very concerned about preserving the appearance, external care … Like Claret, try to keep yourself in serenity, equanimity. And you will undoubtedly look good. It will be noticed by all those you meet today. Even by those who end up testing your patience to the limit. Do not let reality overpower you; you can be in control.
Will this be possible? Keep your good sense of humour, be always in a good mood? Recognize that there are days with “reasons” for anger , impatience , sadness . Sometimes without even leaving home. Don’t speak with hands on the steering wheel or at work . How not to get angry when I experience ingratitude or feel mistreated? How not to feel the impatience in the midst of so many worries and not knowing the outcome? How not to be filled with sadness after what happened?
The passing of the days of our life easily wears us with anger, impatience and sadness. And our appearance gradually becomes deplorable. There are also days when we throw the house out the window, you do not fit in , the euphoria will not let you see the suffering of others, you don’t mind the cost, you destroy any possibility of dialogue by not listening, thinking you are clear and right with no need for advice.
Could it be otherwise? Aim to keep you in love and you will have the same sense of humour. I know, you’ve tried and have failed, it exceeded your strength. Claret encourages us to look at Jesus, remember Him. Watch Jesus to learn from Him. Be of one heart with Him, feel with Him. Raise your eyes and heart to God and to men and women of God, led by Mary and Joseph.
Without doubt they had problems, difficult situations, sufferings, misunderstandings, challenges, and persecutions. It is possible to be at peace if my heart, my roots, my eyes remain fixed on God and his witnesses.
What situations will destroy your serenity and take you to the edge in anger, impatience, excessive sadness or euphoria? How to keep your serenity? I invite you to pray with me: Father, may anger, impatience and sadness be in me not stronger than your love.



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