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Jun 3, 2018 | Claret mit dir

“Whenever I went to a town, I did so without any worldly goal in mind; my only aim was to glorify God and save souls.”
Aut 199


In these few words, Claret bares his soul. Perhaps it is in Claret’s Autobiography stage where he becomes more transparent and honest. And as it is shown: man not only has clear intentions, but pure. In two lines he framed the motivations of his missionary struggle, of his desires and the reason for his passion : God and men. There are four details, among others, which stand out :
There is not a milligram of selfishness in the phrases of Claret. He never sought anything for himself. Neither successes, nor applause or the spotlight, …or even holiness. Everything about him was gratitude. He lived only to give, to give himself. He cannot be a missionary in any other way. His life was dispossession, commitment, eviction itself.
The term ‘Glory of God’ is mistakenly used by many today. Is God vain, a philosopher wonders in the profane commentary of Decalogue?
Not so! Whoever understands God well knows that there are plenty of facts to show that nothing delights God more than man’s happiness, and the good of his children. God lives ‘with dedication’ never bowed down.
What’s all that about the salvation of ‘souls’ ? The word itself may make us suppose otherwise, but it is not ‘rhetoric’ or ‘reductive’ as some are mistaken in thinking. By ‘soul’, Claret knew full well that if the human heart, its centre, is not saved, how useless are all the perfumes and colourful decorations. Claret’s evangelisation was ‘nuclear’.
The conjunction ‘and’ appears, so tiny and so great at the same time. Perhaps it is the most discreet and yet the most accomplished word of the entire sentence. It denies ‘or’ a dilemma, for it always separates and is forced to stay with this or that. God and man are united. The Incarnation of Christ is sealed forever.
If the reader will allow us, we ask you to question yourself about your faith in God. Does it motivate you to serve? And how is your service to others – does it lead you to God? Do not answer too quickly or lightly.



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