Apr 11, 2019 | Colombia Oriental - Ecuador, MICLA

Bogota Colombia. The meeting took place on Saturday, March 16, at the Claretian College of Bosa, and the different groups of children and young people from the Parish of San Bernardino de Bosa and the Claretian Schools participated. This meeting of New Generations, whose theme revolved around the features that identify the boy and young Claretian, was divided into the following three parts: 1. Moment of Integration: It began with the prayer, the presentation by the assistants and a dynamic that allowed the first knowledge and interaction of the participants. 2. Formative Moment: In which the different guidelines were offered that would allow those present to be introduced in the features of what it is to be a Claretian, and it developed as a group work. 3. Spiritual Moment: In which we reflected on the light, imposing the cross as a sign of missionary sending and commitment.

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