Fallout from the Puyehue Volcano affects communities

Jun 13, 2011 | Claretian Family, Health Care, Mission Alive

Ingeniero Jacobacci, Argentina. The Claretian community of “Ingeniero Jacobacci”, Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina tells us of the consequences this region is suffering since Saturday, June 4th with the downfall of ashes from the Puyehue Volcano in the South of Chile.

Fr. Jorge Cóceres, CMF tells us: “The people in the countryside are almost isolated, the filters of vehicles are plugged-up because the ashes are very fine, complicated with a wind blowing at 75km an hour”.

Civil Defense has declared an alert for this zone, vehicle circulation has been restricted, classes are suspended, the authorities recommend people stay in their homes, and most critically, the use of face masks to prevent possible pulmonary infections. Government aid for the most needy has not arrived.

The major upset has been in rural areas where animals are breed. Pastoral activities have also been suspended. The youth of the parish planned an activity of solidarity in sweeping the ashes from the rooftops of the poorest in their area; nevertheless, they had to suspend it when the authorities issued another alert just moments before. On Sunday the 12th the communities had to participate in the Eucharist by means of radio.

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