“Fidelity”: A Deepening of the Vocation Ministry

Feb 28, 2012 | Bética, Fatima, Youth & Vocations Ministry

Sevilla, Spain. The XVII Chapter of the Province of Bética, along the lines of the General Chapter, highlighted Vocation Ministry as one of their three priorities.

During the month of February all the Claretian Missionaries of this Province who live in Spain participated in meetings to deepen this priority.

There were a total of four rounds which were carried out over the four weekends of the month. Inspired by the Pastoral Youth Vocational Team, and under the slogan “fidelity”, all the missionaries were offered an opportunity to revive, thank and celebrate the vocational gift they have received.

NaranjaThey also had an opportunity to receive training in Vocation Ministry and know the lines of action in which the province wants to encourage everyone in this work during the next few years. Each Claretian was able to offer his suggestions and express his desires and concerns.

From here on the daily and daily work with children, young people and adults continues. As well as prayer and ongoing testimony. In this renewed work and authentic testimony the true fidelity to the vocation that we all appreciate will be reflected.

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