First Assembly of Claretians from the American Continents Inaugurated

Nov 27, 2012 | MICLA

San José de Costa Rica. With the presence of Fr. Joseph M. Abella, CMF, our Superior General, the work of the First Claretian Assembly of the Claretians from the Americas (CCA) was inaugurated on November 26th.

Participating in the Assembly were the Major Superiors, the Superiors of Missions, and Delegates of Organisms from the two Continents and the Antilles who came together at the Retreat House in San José, Costa Rica.

Cca_Foto_Participantes_WThe objective of the Assembly was to fine-tune the process of integration of the previous Conferences (CICLA and NACLA), approve the Statutes which will regulate its functioning, sketch the direction and lines of actions for the Missionary Project of the Continents, and name those responsible to carry out the decisions of this Assembly.

Participants in the Assembly.
Front (Left to rigth.): Ronaldo Mazula (Brazil), Alejandro Quezada (Mexico), Romualdo Arbina (Canada), Rosendo Urrabazo (USA), José F. Tobón (Colombia-Venezuela), Rodolfo Morales (Central America), Juan C. Bartra (Peru-Bolivia), Mario Gutiérrez (San José del Sur), Javier Pulgarín (Colombia-Venezuela), José Sánchez (USA).
Back: Mikel Burgos (Norte Potosí), Francisco San Martín (San José del Sur), Héctor Cuadrado (Antillas), Benito García (Peru-Bolivia), Alejandro Cerón (Mexico), P. General, José C. Minaya (Antillas), Carlos Bernal (Colombia Oriental-Ecuador), Ismael Montero (Central America).

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