Forge 23 Update: Light Between Mists

Dec 13, 2018 | The Forge

Vic, Spain. They were days of mist and fog pierced by a soft triumphant light. This is how the pilgrimage days in Claretian lands went on at the beginning of December 2018. The 13 Claretians of this Forge-23 traveled the places where Claret set foot on, seeing how the clarity of a gospel-pierced life was still stronger than that dense and stubborn fog that blurred the Osona region.

Those places made up the puzzle of an itinerary of the life of our Father Founder: Sallent (birth and childhood); Fussimanya (the tender intimacy with the Mother); Barcelona (convulsed youth charged with projects and disappointments); Vic (the cultivation of roots); Viladrau, Seva, Santa Eugenia … (narrow scenarios of a young and restless priest); the sepulcher of Claret (his remains under the seal of love); Monserrat (permanent presence of the Mother from the high massifs); CESC (guardian and notary of a past increasingly unveiled); Casal Claret, Claretian complex of Barcelona (the validity of an indestructible ideal); Sagrada Familia (imposing structure that shows Barcelona and the world our Catalan saint, first of the statues placed on the exterior, witness of his missionary and wandering worries.

As pilgrims and disciples, they received a veritable avalanche of information. The data heard, surprising, sprinkled with anecdotes and emotions, confirmed how the charisma is transmitted and strengthened only by friction and contagion. From a distance and at a distance, the mist hides and veils the deepest realities. They had to approach them. From the proximity and with witnesses, they found in the proximity how the light was drilling mists and mists and allowed them to savor what is always hidden to the fleeting and distracted tourist. Those places transmitted energy, gave cramps …. They were not left indifferent … In addition to endless photographs, they brought to mind the ideal of a man who felt sent to the peripheries of the whole world and to whom the Lord has united us as children who continue to believe in his blessed madness.
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