Fr. Anistus? Response to Dr. Alvelo

Jan 29, 2010 | Claretian Family, The Claretian Mission

Dear Dr. Alvelo:
Thanks a lot for the e-mail and, above all, for helping me wipe away the tears of impotence in the face of an apocalyptic devastation. Your presence with the entire AMAR team and group filled me with joy and satisfaction and, as you said, “you reached where no one had ever reached, neither the cameras nor CNN.” You were the first, and until now the only ones, who reached Nazon/Coquillot to help the wounded and devastated persons. They were looking or waiting for death or good luck and the good luck came to them.

The village of Nazon will never forget your work and the risk you took to reach to the place of “the dead,” the risk of breathing the odor of death, terrible and strong, of working in the midst of dust and fumes, in the open air, of attending to many persons without eating, offering them a free and selfless love. Thanks a lot.

You make me enjoy the fact of being a missionary. I cannot remember the names of all but your faces are certainly engraved in my heart. I told you that we lost the Church building of Nazon (as you saw) but we will not lose our faith and with a strong solidarity like that of AMAR’s it is worth thanking God for our call, and we will continue counting on your support.

May the good Lord reward you for your sacrifice and give you more strength, energy and joy to continue giving testimony of your love for the neediest. I greet each and every one of you.

A warm hug.
Fr. Anistus Chima, cmf. .

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