Fr. Mario Gutiérrez, Coordinator of Unification process

Jul 26, 2010 | Congregation, San José del Sur

Asunción, Paraguay. On July 23, the Assembly of the Claretians of the Organisms of South Latin America ended. As we already informed, in a consultative survey, the majority of the participants voted in favor of constituting only one Major Organism.

This Organism will comprise the territories of the present Provinces of Argentina-Uruguay and Chile and the Missions of Humahuaca in Argentina (which is dependent on Betica) and of Paraguay (depending on Santiago).

The Assembly also agreed that the new Province will be create within the period of one year and requested the General Government to appoint a General Coordinator to carry out this process.

After the closing of the Assembly, in answer to this petition, Fr. General appointed Fr. Mario Gutiérrez CMF, of the Delegation of Chile, as Coordinator. He will be assessed by a committee made up of the four superiors of the four participating Organisms.

One of the most important tasks that the General Coordinator and the Committee will have to address will be the completion of the “Life and Mission Plan,” based on the results of the Assembly.

The task of the General Coordinator will end when the Government of the new unified Province will be designated, very likely in July, 2011.

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